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From yesterday to today ...

Our history started in 1956 with an hard work in the vineyards by our grandparents Guido and Giuseppina for the Genoese ship owner Corsiglia Commendator Umberto. This is the motivation we have call our Barbera “l’armatore” (The ship owner). In the years our family succeed to buy some lands and now, our firm contain their efforts. The second generation is represented by Adriano (Guido’s son) and his wife Francesca. They have chosen to cultivate and product typical Piedmontese wines. Finally there is the third generation with Alessandro and Alberto. They want promote our land and wines with innovative ideas.

Our family

Guido & Giuseppina

The founders of this company

who with their work have been able to make us understand the passion for wine

Adriano & Francesca

They represent the second generation, where with the union of their forces they managed to buy the land we use today

Alessandro & Alberto

Respectively Enologist and Agrotechnician, they are the third generation, engaged in this company to give a new development

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