Our passion:

the earth

Our winery is located in Agliano terme, a little village in the Unesco 's landscape famous for its Barbera d'asti.


During three generation 28 ha have been bought to produce the principal variety of piedmontese wines such as Nebbiolo, Grignolino, Dolcetto, Arneis, Cortese and expecially Barbera, the king of our territory.


Thanks to an height of 280 meters above sea level and the continental climate, we can have a extraordinary productivity in different years.


The soil is composed by clay and some calcareus area. Some portion could be sandy.


 FESAR - Fondo europeo agricolo per lo sviluppo rurale l’Europa investe nelle zone rurali.

Az. DURIO ADRIANO, Reg. Montà, 9 - 14041 - Agliano Terme (AT)

PIVA 01147930059
Pagamenti Agro-climatico Ambientali Sottomisura 11 del PSR 2014-2020 Misura 11 Agricoltura Biologica - Sottomisura 11.2 Mantenimento degli impegni.

Per un premio annuo di 16.389,12 € complessivo

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10.1.1.                  16,1531                                    3.489,06

11.1.1.                    20,0277                                    12.245.86